Cue Repair

We have a professional cue maker right here in town that performs our cue repair. Whether you need a tip replaced or your entire cue needs refinishing, we can take care of all your cue repair needs.

Pool Table Service

Has the color faded from the cloth on your table? Are there holes in the cloth? Are the leather pockets worn out and falling apart? We can help you! Our pool table mechanics have the knowledge and experience to handle anything.

Pool Table Parts

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, we can help you with the parts you need. We carry parts to most leading pool table manufacturers. Items like corner castings and apron miters are in stock.

Pool Table Assembly Materials

This again is for the do-it-yourselfer. We carry all of the materials needed to assemble a pool table. Flat shims, tapered shims and beeswax are only a few things we carry to assemble a pool table.

Pool Table Moving

Moving your pool table is not an easy task. If not done properly, damage could be done to the table or to you! Even if you are just moving the table a few feet, one wrong move could mean the need to purchase costly replacement parts or worse! Call us to move your table with peace of mind.