Billiard Tables in Sebastian

For over four decades, Aurora Road Billiards has had the privilege of serving our neighbors in Sebastian. With a strong community presence due to our local ownership and operation, our licensed and insured business stands out for our unparalleled selection of pool tables for sale in Sebastian. Our exceptional reputation precedes us, as loyal customers know we consistently go above and beyond. Whether you’re in need of pool table repairs, moving, buying a new table, or exploring other games, we’re fully dedicated to your satisfaction. Trust our team of seasoned, dependable, and professional experts to provide service that will consistently leave you amazed. Contact us now or stop by to discover firsthand what has made Aurora Road Billiards the premier pool table provider in the Sebastian region since 1981!

All About Our Local Billiards Pool Table Company

Pool Tables in Sebastian

A round of pool promises players an unparalleled experience because it blends social entertainment, traditional charm, and an opportunity to unwind. A heritage of excellence spanning more than four decades defines our commitment to providing outstanding pool tables, games, repairs, and service. Discover a gaming experience unlike any other and revel in the thrill of a high-quality billiards pool table. Our sense of accomplishment stems from the fact that many businesses and families are enjoying their billiards tables due to our ability to comprehend and satisfy their needs.

Premium Brands, Unmatched Quality, and Free Delivery

Our reputation is built on unprecedented excellence, which we achieve by pairing resilient, elegant, and one-of-a-kind billiards tables in Sebastian with unrivaled service. Dive into our meticulously selected assortment that includes only the top pool table brands, including market leaders like Brunswick, Olhausen, Legacy, Imperial, Plank & Hide Co., and more. At the forefront of the industry, Aurora Road Billiards sets the bar high from your first meeting with our incredible team. Offering a truly outstanding experience from beginning to end, we proudly provide complimentary delivery services that guarantee your new pool table’s pristine arrival at your home or business.

Sebastian Billiards Pool Table Service and Repairs

Once you’ve located an excellent billiards table for sale in Sebastian and placed it in your gaming room or business, you can be confident that our dedication to exceeding customer expectations will continue. We place great value on your investment. Beyond the delivery and installation of your pool table, our professional technicians are committed to meeting any future servicing or repair needs. Our seasoned professionals are proficient in routine maintenance, intricate repairs, and more, recognizing that finely crafted tables demand precision and careful handling. We vow to keep your pool table in excellent condition for years to come, fostering trust in every customer relationship.

Sebastian’s Best Selection of Pool Tables, Supplies, and Services

Spectator Pool Table Chairs

With our amazing selection of pool table seating, you can watch your buddies play pool or provide a comfortable viewing experience for your customers. Every chair is made from the highest quality materials and combines ergonomics and style to build a lovely and one-of-a-kind game room.

Pool Table Assembly Materials

Enhance your DIY projects with our extensive inventory and expert instruction, ensuring a simple and quick construction process with essential supplies such as shims, beeswax, and more.

Custom Pool Table Cloth

Upgrade your pool table and make it an exclusive masterpiece with our custom fabric, which comes in a variety of high-quality fabrics and hues to suit your individual style. Experience the pinnacle of elegance, precision, and refinement with our selection of fabrics, which are often made from pure wool or a wool and nylon blend.

Pool Cue Repair

In addition to featuring the best pool tables and accessories, our billiards business is dedicated to ongoing support to make long-term maintenance a breeze for our customers. When your cues have been through countless games and require repair, allow us to restore your accurate, confident gaming with our skilled repairs.

Pool Table Lighting

By integrating our attractive and functional lighting solutions into your bar or game room, you can improve your design aesthetic or create a classic pool hall vibe.

Pool Cues, Shafts, Cases, and Other Billiard Accessories

Explore our extensive selection of pool cues, shafts, cases, and accessories, designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced players. Our product line has been designed to meet your specific requirements by empowering you, increasing your enjoyment, and improving your precision.

Pool Table Parts

Keep your pool table in great shape and ensure the longevity of your investment by choosing only the highest-quality replacement parts. Contact us for the best solutions when it comes to rail cushions, corner castings, apron miters, and all other essential components.

Choosing the Perfect Pool Table Size

When perusing our selection of pool tables for sale, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll have to make is the size of the table. Take into consideration that the size of the table significantly influences your gaming experience. Many casual players opt for 7-foot pool tables, finding them perfectly balanced for enjoyable gameplay and a modest footprint. An 8-foot table is a good choice for more challenging and authentic gameplay in a home or recreational setting.

If your aspirations involve owning a top-tier, tournament-level pool table, direct your attention to the 9-foot table. The larger surface area of these tables demands a higher skill level, making it the top choice for competitive games. Before you start looking for Sebastian pool tables for sale, you should consider the table’s intended use, your skill level, and the available space in your house or business. Novices and experienced players alike will love our broad selection of pool tables because you’re guaranteed to discover the ideal match for your budget, style, preferences, and available space.

It’s worth noting that the size of your pool room has a direct impact on the overall gameplay experience. For this reason, it’s essential that you know the measurements of the room before you begin shopping for a pool table. The area should have enough space for players to move around the table comfortably and move their cues effectively. A 7-foot table is more suited for smaller areas, and an 8- or 9-foot table may be ideal for larger settings. Though table dimensions are a common consideration, the space surrounding it is equally critical. Trust our team to help you create a game room that smoothly integrates functionality and comfort.

How to Assemble a Pool Table

Building a pool table effectively calls for a combination of meticulous attention to detail, accuracy, and patience. We strongly recommend enlisting the help of the experts at Aurora Road Billiards, but we understand that some customers prefer to assemble their own tables. Dive into the basics of professional pool table assembly with the following overview if you’re interested in understanding the process.

  1. Calculate Spacing – Strategic positioning of your pool table is key, as its location is essentially permanent once assembled. You’ll want to consider factors like your preferred cue size and length, allow for a minimum of five feet on each side for players to comfortably stand and shoot, and be mindful of any windows or doors.
  2. Begin Assembly – Read through the user manual that arrived with your table and execute each step precisely, beginning with removing all packaging and parts and progressing through the steps in order. Standard pool table assembly guidelines usually direct you to construct the frame, fasten the slate, and subsequently proceed with affixing the legs.
  3. Felting – Pull the billiard fabric taut over the slate, stretching it evenly to eliminate wrinkles and create an exceptionally smooth playing surface.
  4. Align and Attach Pockets – Double-check that every pocket is securely attached and precisely aligned.
  5. Leveling – Confirm alignment adequacy with a level and make necessary adjustments. You cannot guarantee fair play unless the playing surface is correctly leveled.
  6. Once-Over – Confirm the secure tightening of each bolt and screw through a comprehensive check, then verify the proper assembly of the entire table.

Proper Pool Table Maintenance

With routine maintenance, your pool table can last for decades and even generations to come. If you’d like to keep your table in the very best condition, we suggest taking these actions:

Periodically assess the table’s level and make corrections as required to maintain proper alignment.

Keep the table away from direct sunlight and avoid excessive temperatures, which can cause fading or warping.

Regularly inspect all bolts, screws, and other hardware and adjust as needed.

Use mild soap and water to clean the billiard balls as needed.

Think about purchasing a cover to protect the table when it isn’t in use.

Perform routine vacuuming and brushing on the felt surface to eliminate accumulated dust and chalk.

Ensure that the pockets remain debris-free.

Pool Table Moving Service

Secure the safe and seamless relocation of your pool table with our reliable moving services, executed by a team of experienced professionals. Trust us to manage every facet of your relocation with utmost care and precision. Your go-to Sebastian billiards table company understands the significant investment you’ve made in a pool table, as well as the table’s fragile construction. Entrust us with the detailed process of disassembling, wrapping, transporting, and reassembling your table with precision as we keep every element in optimal condition. Place your confidence in our reliable experts to orchestrate a stress-free pool table relocation that enables you to immerse yourself in your favorite pastime within a new space!

Call Aurora Road Billiards at 800-940-2837 or drop by and let us bring your vision to life!