Billiard Tables in DeBary

Aurora Road Billiards has been a fixture in the DeBary community since we began operations in 1981, providing excellent service for over 40 years. Establishing an unprecedented benchmark for pool tables for sale in DeBary, our locally owned and operated, licensed, and insured business is the top choice in the area. Renowned for our dedication to consistently exceeding every expectation, our professionals are ready to meet all of your needs – whether you’re looking to buy a pool table, need repair or moving services, or want to learn about other gaming options. Because our crew is made up of the most experienced, dependable, and professional individuals, you can be confident that you’ll have a fantastic experience every time you walk through our doors. Contact us or visit today to see why Aurora Road Billiards has been the top table provider in the DeBary region for decades!

All About Our Local Billiards Pool Table Company

Pool Tables in DeBary

Few hobbies provide the same ageless appeal, entertainment, and socialization as a round of pool. More than four decades of exceptional service define our enduring legacy of distinction in pool table sales, repairs, and service. Immerse yourself in an exceptional gaming experience and embrace the classic experience of pool with your new billiards pool table. We are delighted to see businesses and families enjoying their billiards tables, which is a reflection of our expertise in comprehending and fulfilling their specific needs.

Premium Brands, Unmatched Quality, and Free Delivery

Our heritage of unrivaled excellence is the result of effortlessly combining long-lasting, beautiful, and exclusive billiards tables in DeBary with unsurpassed customer service. Explore our carefully curated inventory, spotlighting solely the pinnacle of pool table craftsmanship with revered names including Olhausen, Brunswick, Imperial, Legacy, Plank & Hide Co., and more. Aurora Road Billiards is known as the gold standard in our industry, and you’ll know exactly what sets us apart when you meet our team. To enrich an already outstanding experience, we provide complimentary delivery services that guarantee your table will arrive at your door in perfect condition.

DeBary Billiards Pool Table Service and Repairs

Long after you’ve found the perfect billiards table for sale in DeBary and integrated it into your game room or business, our steadfast commitment to exceeding customer expectations continues. We place immense importance on your investment. Regardless of the length of time since your pool table found its place in your home or business, our skilled experts stand prepared to offer timely and efficient repairs and services. Given the special requirements of luxury tables, our crew has the competence to undertake delicate repairs, normal maintenance, and a variety of other tasks with ease. We vow to keep your pool table in excellent condition for years to come, fostering trust in every customer relationship.

DeBary’s Best Selection of Pool Tables, Supplies, and Services

Pool Table Assembly Materials

When you’re looking for a quick and stress-free setup, let our crew supply shims, beeswax, and all of the other assembly supplies.

Pool Cues, Shafts, Cases, and Other Billiard Accessories

Discover a broad selection of pool cues, shafts, accessories, and cases designed to suit everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player. Our product lineup is thoughtfully designed to cater to a range of preferences and needs, advancing accuracy in play, fortifying player control, and making the game even more enjoyable.

Pool Table Parts

Taking the exciting plunge into pool table ownership means you’ll need access to top-tier parts. Be it replacement pockets, rail cushions, corner castings, apron miters, or any other essential part, get in touch with us for access to a comprehensive range of premium products.

Spectator Pool Table Chairs

Improve the viewing experience in your gaming room by incorporating these high-quality pool table chairs. Engineered with ergonomic excellence and using top-grade materials, these chairs provide both comfort and aesthetic charm for your customers or friends to enjoy.

Pool Table Lighting

Infuse your game room with a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics through our lighting options, ideal for creating a classic billiards-inspired scene or enhancing your current ambiance.

Pool Cue Repair

In addition to featuring the best pool tables and accessories, our billiards business is dedicated to ongoing support to make long-term maintenance a breeze for our customers. Our remarkable pool cue service can restore your cues to their original condition, allowing you to shoot with renewed confidence and pinpoint accuracy.

Custom Pool Table Cloth

Transform your pool table into a personalized masterpiece with our custom cloth, featuring a diverse range of top-tier materials and a plethora of colors that are sure to suit your unique style. Experience the epitome of luxury, precision, and sophistication with our array of cloth choices, typically crafted from either pure wool or a wool and nylon blend.

Proper Pool Table Maintenance

Extend the lifespan of your pool table throughout many decades and generations with consistent maintenance. We suggest taking the following actions to maintain your investment:

As part of your scheduled upkeep regimen, examine all bolts and screws and tighten any loose hardware.

Periodically assess the table’s level, implementing adjustments as required to maintain fair and accurate gameplay.

Regularly inspect the pockets to ensure they are clear of any debris or obstructions.

Cleanse the billiard balls with gentle soap and water as needed.

Protect your table with a pool table cover when you’re done playing.

To keep your table warp and fade-free, store it in a climate-controlled area and prevent direct sunlight exposure.

Keep the playing surface pristine by routinely brushing and vacuuming to prevent chalk or dust accumulation.

How to Assemble a Pool Table

Assembling a pool table demands a high level of accuracy, patience, and attention to detail. While we highly recommend leveraging the expertise of Aurora Road Billiards, we acknowledge that some customers prefer to opt for a DIY approach. If you want to learn more about the process of professional pool table assembly, we’ve covered the basic steps below.

  1. Calculate Spacing – Thoughtfully selecting the placement of your pool table is crucial, as post-assembly moves are not feasible. When selecting the ideal pool table location, consider your favorite cue size, leave at least five feet of space on all four sides for player maneuverability, and take notice of any close-by windows or doorways.
  2. Begin Assembly – Adhere closely to the instructions in your manual, starting by unpacking components and then proceeding systematically through each assembly step. The customary pool table assembly process often involves beginning with the construction of the frame, securing the slate, and then attaching the legs.
  3. Felting – Create a seamlessly smooth playing area by uniformly stretching the billiard cloth over the slate, ensuring a tight pull that eliminates wrinkles.
  4. Align and Attach Pockets – Properly secure all pockets after checking for precise alignment.
  5. Leveling – Make use of a level to confirm accurate alignment, adjusting as needed. An improperly leveled table undermines fair play.
  6. Once-Over – Scrutinize every screw and bolt, confirming their tight and secure fit, before evaluating the entire table to ensure accurate assembly.

Choosing the Perfect Pool Table Size

When you’re looking at pool tables for sale, you’ll want to put a great deal of thought and consideration into the size you choose. Keep in mind that table size has a significant impact on your entire gaming experience. Many casual players gravitate toward 7-foot pool tables due to their ability to strike an ideal balance between enjoyable gameplay and a modest footprint. Enrich the way you play with an 8-foot pool table, which provides extra playing space for a more authentic and demanding game and is suitable for both residential and recreational settings.

If your aspirations involve owning a top-tier, tournament-level pool table, direct your attention to the 9-foot table. This size is widely utilized in competition since the larger surface area requires a higher degree of skill. Before shopping for DeBary pool tables for sale, consider your intended use, your own skill level, and the size of your preferred space. Whether you’re just starting or have years of experience, our pool table offerings cater to all, promising the perfect fit for your preferences, style, budget, and available space.

The room’s size significantly influences your pool table experience, making it crucial to determine the room’s dimensions before embarking on your pool table shopping journey. Select a room that offers generous space, enabling players to move around the table smoothly while handling their cues. Tailor your choice to the room size – a 7-foot table for smaller spaces and an 8- or 9-foot table for larger ones. Many people focus on the table’s proportions but overlook the surrounding space. Our team is here to assist you in creating a gaming space that perfectly marries functionality and charm.

Pool Table Moving Service

Count on our trained and reliable professionals to move your pool table securely and effectively for a stress-free relocation experience. Our crew is happy to manage every fine detail of your pool table move with meticulous care. Recognizing the significant investment involved and the delicate construction of your table, we proudly serve as your trusted DeBary billiards table experts. From disassembly to wrapping to transportation to reassembly, we will keep your table in pristine condition every step of the way. Our trusted professionals promise a hassle-free pool table relocation, giving you the freedom to enjoy your favorite hobby in a brand new environment!

Call Aurora Road Billiards at 800-940-2837 or drop by and let us bring your vision to life!