Billiard Tables in Deltona

Since 1981, Aurora Road Billiards has been a household name in Deltona as we’ve served our local community with pride. Because we’re known as the premier destination for pool tables for sale in Deltona, our locally owned and operated business is fully insured and licensed, boasting the largest variety of high-quality options. With a longstanding reputation for surpassing customer expectations, our experts are eager to fulfill your needs – be it buying a pool table, moving or repairing one, or exploring alternative game options. Our team of seasoned, dependable, and professional individuals are prepared to work diligently to meet your every need. Contact us today or pay us a visit to see what makes Aurora Road Billiards the leading pool table supplier in the Deltona region!

All About Our Local Billiards Pool Table Company

Pool Tables in Deltona

Enjoy the timeless appeal, entertainment, and social interaction provided by the traditional game of pool – a hobby unlike any other. Our commitment to providing exceptional pool tables, repairs, service, and games is defined by a four-decade legacy of excellence. Choose us if you want to create a one-of-a-kind playing experience, elevate your game, and enjoy a high-quality billiards pool table that will easily become a family heirloom. Our joy lies in the realization that numerous businesses and families are enjoying their billiards tables because of our ability to understand and meet their needs.

Premium Brands, Unmatched Quality, and Free Delivery

Our legacy is one of unmatched service and the most unique, beautiful, and long-lasting billiards tables in Deltona. Our carefully curated assortment is made up of only the most prestigious, well-known pool table manufacturers in the world, such as Brunswick, Olhausen, Legacy, Imperial, Plank & Hide Co., and many others. Aurora Road Billiards stands out from every other pool table company every step of the way. For a truly exemplary experience from A to Z, we are also proud to deliver your new pool table directly to your home or business in pristine condition via our complimentary delivery services.

Deltona Billiards Pool Table Service and Repairs

Once you’ve chosen the perfect billiards table for sale in Deltona and incorporated it into your game room or business, we want you to know that our dedication to exceeding customer expectations is an everlasting commitment. Your investment is a priority for us. As time passes, our team of skilled technicians remains committed to providing top-notch service and addressing any repair needs. Given the unique demands of premium tables, our team possesses the expertise to handle intricate repairs, routine maintenance, and various other tasks with great finesse. Nurturing trust in our customer relationships, we commit to preserving the impeccable state of your pool table for years to come.

Deltona’s Best Selection of Pool Tables, Supplies, and Services

Pool Table Parts

When you make the exciting decision to invest in a pool table, you’ll want to make sure you know where to get top-notch pool table parts. Whether it’s corner castings, rail cushions, replacement pockets, or apron miters, trust us for unparalleled solutions.

Custom Pool Table Cloth

Customize and upgrade your pool table with our custom cloth, which can be tailored to your preferences with a diverse range of high-quality materials and colors. Typically made from a wool and nylon blend or 100% wool, our cloth delivers sophistication, precision, and opulence.

Spectator Pool Table Chairs

With our selection of pool table seats, you can make your game area more welcoming and stylish. Our chairs, designed with thoughtful ergonomics and top-of-the-line materials, provide both comfort and an enhanced aesthetic experience for every spectator.

Pool Cues, Shafts, Cases, and Other Billiard Accessories

Our extensive assortment of cases, accessories, shafts, and pool cues is sure to satisfy everyone, from beginners to pros. Crafted with your specific preferences in mind, our products are made to bolster your control, heighten your enjoyment, and refine your accuracy.

Pool Table Lighting

Infuse your game room with a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics through our lighting options, ideal for creating a classic billiards-inspired scene or enhancing your current ambiance.

Pool Cue Repair

Our billiards company not only offers the best pool tables and equipment, but also provides ongoing assistance to ensure easy long-term maintenance. Restore your cues to peak performance with our skilled pool cue repairs, which allow you to resume gameplay with heightened confidence and precision.

Pool Table Assembly Materials

Make your DIY projects a little easier by enlisting the assistance of our experts and utilizing our large inventory for a simple setup, featuring items such as beeswax, shims, and more.

Proper Pool Table Maintenance

Regular maintenance will extend the longevity of your pool table for decades or potentially generations. Keep your investment in the best shape by taking these surprisingly simple steps:

Regularly use a vacuum and brush to keep the felt surface free from dust and chalk residue.

Check and tighten screws and hardware as part of your normal maintenance routine.

To ensure appropriate alignment, check the table’s level on a regular basis and make any necessary modifications.

Protect your table from direct sunlight and harsh, changing temperatures to reduce the danger of fading or warping.

Inspect the pockets for debris and remove it to ensure their cleanliness.

Consider using a cover to protect the table when it’s not in use.

Preserve the cleanliness of your billiard balls by using a mild soap and water combination for occasional cleaning.

Choosing the Perfect Pool Table Size

Size is a pivotal factor to consider as you explore our diverse range of pool tables for sale. Remember that the size of the table has a significant impact on every aspect of your gaming experience. Many casual players like 7-foot pool tables because they offer an excellent blend of pleasant gaming and a small footprint. Elevate your gaming sessions with an 8-foot pool table, which provides extra playing space for a genuine and challenging experience and is particularly well-suited for recreational or residential setups.

Consider 9-foot pool tables if you demand professional quality and want to enjoy more competitive play. Because of their greater surface area, these tables are best suited for competitive settings and require expert abilities. Before you begin searching for Deltona pool tables for sale, consider the amount of space available in your business or house, the skill levels of those who will use the table, and the table’s intended functions. Whether you’re new to the game or an expert player, our diverse collection of pool tables appeals to everyone and guarantees that you find the best fit for your preferences, budget, and available space.

Ensure an excellent playing experience by taking into account the size of the room where your pool table will be placed, since understanding these measurements is an important step before beginning your pool table search. Choose a setting that allows players to move around the table comfortably and handle their cues freely. 7-foot tables fit perfectly into small areas, while 8 and 9-foot pool tables take the spotlight in bigger rooms. Many customers think about the size of the table, but some don’t recognize that adequate space surrounding the table is just as essential. Our specialists can assist you in making an informed selection about pool table size to create a functional and pleasant game environment.

How to Assemble a Pool Table

Successfully putting together a pool table necessitates a mix of careful care, precision, and a patient mindset. You can always call Aurora Road Billiards for help with assembly, but we also understand that many people love doing their own DIY projects. We’d be delighted to guide you through the fundamental steps of assembling your pool table if you’re interested in understanding the process a little better!

  1. Calculate Spacing – Because pool tables cannot be moved after assembly, you should carefully consider where yours will be placed within the room or space. Analyze your room carefully, thinking about door and window placement, keeping a 5-foot circumference for unimpeded play, and accounting for your preferred cue size and length.
  2. Begin Assembly – Carefully read the accompanying owner’s handbook and follow each step as recommended, beginning with the cautious removal of both packaging and components and on to the start of assembly. Pool table assembly instructions normally advise you to first construct the frame, then fasten the slate, and lastly attach the legs.
  3. Felting – Evenly stretch the billiard cloth over the slate, pulling it tightly to eliminate wrinkles and create a perfectly smooth playing surface.
  4. Align and Attach Pockets – Confirm the precise alignment and secure attachment of every pocket.
  5. Leveling – Use a level to verify precise alignment, then adjust as needed. A poorly leveled table inhibits fair play.
  6. Once-Over – Verify the proper tightening and security of every bolt and screw, and inspect the remaining components of the table to confirm precise assembly.

Pool Table Moving Service

Secure a stress-free move for your valued pool table with our moving service, where skilled and reliable experts guarantee a seamless relocation. Take heart in the fact that our team is enthusiastic about managing the minute details of your pool table move with meticulous care. As your trusted Deltona billiards table company, we fully understand the delicate nature of pool tables and the significant investment you’ve made. You can count on us for the detailed process of deconstructing, covering, moving, and reassembling your table with accuracy and care while keeping every element in top shape. Rest assured that our dependable specialists will provide you with a flawless pool table relocation, allowing you to fully enjoy your favorite hobby in a new setting!

Call Aurora Road Billiards at 800-940-2837 or drop by and let us bring your vision to life!