Billiard Tables in Mims

Serving the Mims region since 1981, Aurora Road Billiards stands as a longstanding and proud part of the local community. Recognized for our commitment to excellence, our licensed, insured, locally owned, and locally operated business offers the most extensive and high-quality array of pool tables for sale in Mims. Renowned for our dedication to consistently exceeding every expectation, our professionals are ready to meet all of your needs – whether you’re looking to buy a pool table, need repair or moving services, or want to learn about other gaming options. Count on our team of seasoned, dependable, and professional individuals to leave you impressed time and time again. Contact us today or stop by to see why Aurora Road Billiards is the premier pool table provider in the Mims area!

All About Our Local Billiards Pool Table Company

Pool Tables in Mims

Engage in an activity that embodies timeless allure, relaxation, and social camaraderie – the ageless game of pool. For more than four decades, we’ve been Mims’s one-stop shop for pool table sales, repairs, and service. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable gaming experience and enjoy the timeless thrill of high-quality pool with your billiards pool table. Many families and companies have included billiards tables in their daily routines, which gives us a humble sense of pride.

Premium Brands, Unmatched Quality, and Free Delivery

We take pride in a reputation defined by unparalleled service and the most distinctive, exquisite, and durable billiards tables in Mims. Our carefully curated assortment is made up of only the most prestigious, well-known pool table manufacturers in the world, such as Brunswick, Olhausen, Legacy, Imperial, Plank & Hide Co., and many others. As a trendsetter in our industry, Aurora Road Billiards makes an impression upon your first encounter with our team. For an exceptional experience from start to finish, we happily provide complimentary delivery services that guarantee your new pool table’s pristine arrival at your home or business.

Mims Billiards Pool Table Service and Repairs

After you’ve selected the right billiards table for sale in Mims and added it to your business or home game room, bear in mind that our dedication to customer satisfaction continues. We recognize the significant investment you have made in a pool table. Well after your pool table has been installed in your house or business establishment, our team of competent and seasoned technicians will be ready to handle all of your repair and service needs. Our technicians are competent in performing regular maintenance, sophisticated repairs, and more, and they understand the delicate touch required for high-end, luxury tables. Nurturing trust in our customer relationships, we commit to preserving the impeccable state of your pool table for years to come.

Mims’s Best Selection of Pool Tables, Supplies, and Services

Pool Cues, Shafts, Cases, and Other Billiard Accessories

Our extensive assortment of cases, accessories, shafts, and pool cues is sure to satisfy everyone, from beginners to pros. Made to align with your particular needs, our product line is engineered to empower you, heighten your enjoyment, and improve your precision.

Pool Table Lighting

Our lighting solutions will fill your game room with a beautiful blend of usefulness and charm, whether you’re creating a classic pool hall-inspired setting or upgrading your existing vibe.

Spectator Pool Table Chairs

With our selection of pool table seats, you can make your game area more welcoming and stylish. Crafted with ergonomic considerations and premium materials, these chairs ensure both comfort and an elevated aesthetic experience for spectators.

Pool Table Parts

Taking the exciting plunge into pool table ownership means you’ll need access to top-tier parts. If you require rail cushions, corner castings, apron miters, replacement pockets, or any other crucial component, we’re happy to provide you with the best options.

Custom Pool Table Cloth

Elevate your pool table aesthetics with our custom cloth, designed to cater to your unique preferences through a broad selection of high-quality materials in an array of colors. Surround your pool table in an aura of sophistication, precision, and opulence through our cloth, which is often crafted from a blend of wool and nylon or 100% wool.

Pool Cue Repair

Our billiards company sells the best pool tables and accessories, but we don’t stop there – we also provide ongoing assistance to make long-term upkeep simple. If your cues have seen better days and require repair, allow us to restore your accurate, confident gameplay with our excellent repairs.

Pool Table Assembly Materials

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and require shims, beeswax, or other assembly supplies, our crew will make the process simple and easy.

Proper Pool Table Maintenance

Ensure your pool table thrives for decades and generations by implementing routine maintenance. We recommend taking the following steps to protect your investment:

Periodically examine the table’s level and make adjustments as needed to ensure fair and accurate gameplay.

When you’re finished playing, protect your pool table with a properly-sized cover.

Preserve the cleanliness of your billiard balls by using a mild soap and water combination for occasional cleaning.

Check all screws and bolts on a regular basis and tighten any loose hardware.

Avoid chalk or dust buildup on the felt by frequently brushing and vacuuming the playing area.

Check your table on a regular basis to ensure that it is level, and make any necessary adjustments for proper gameplay.

Confirm that the pockets remain free of debris with a quick, easy visual exam.

Choosing the Perfect Pool Table Size

As you browse our extensive variety of pool tables for sale, consider the size of your table carefully. Keep in mind that the table’s size is a crucial factor in determining your overall gaming enjoyment. Opting for a 7-foot pool table is ideal for those with restricted space because it harmoniously blends enjoyable gameplay with a compact size, making it a favorite among casual players. Delve into a more authentic and challenging gaming atmosphere with an 8-foot pool table, providing expanded playing space and proving to be an excellent choice for both recreational and residential locations.

If you’re a committed, professional player looking for tournament-level play, check out our 9-foot pool tables. Tailored for competitive play, these tables boast a larger surface area and require more advanced skills.Before you begin the search for Mims pool tables for sale, it’s a good idea to hone in on the intended use of your table, your own skill level, and the available space in your home or business. Our pool table selection appeals to players of varying skill levels, ensuring that everyone can find suitable options that match their budget, style, space, or preferences.

Your playing experience hinges on the dimensions of the room where your pool table will be placed, emphasizing the importance of knowing the room’s measurements before starting your pool table search. Opt for a room that gives players enough room to maneuver around the table comfortably and handle their cues without restriction. 7-foot tables fit perfectly into small areas, while 8 and 9-foot pool tables take the spotlight in bigger rooms. Many people focus on the table’s proportions but overlook the surrounding space. When aiming for a gaming space that marries practicality with allure, turn to our team for expert assistance.

How to Assemble a Pool Table

Professional pool table assembly necessitates a high level of patience, accuracy, and expertise. We advise you to contact the Aurora Road Billiards crew for assistance with assembly, but we understand that many people love a good DIY job. If you want to learn more about how to build a pool table, start with the fundamentals listed below.

  1. Calculate Spacing – Strategic placement of your pool table is critical because its position is practically permanent once assembled. Evaluate the placement of doors and windows and consider every other aspect of your space, allocate a 5-foot clearance on all sides for comfortable play, and factor in your preferred cue length and size.
  2. Begin Assembly – Examine the owner’s manual carefully and execute every instruction precisely, starting with the removal of packaging and components and effectively progressing through assembly. You’ll probably start with the frame, proceed to affix the slate onto the frame, and complete the process by attaching the legs.
  3. Felting – Create a seamlessly smooth playing area by uniformly stretching the billiard cloth over the slate, ensuring a tight pull that eliminates wrinkles.
  4. Align and Attach Pockets – Double-check that every pocket is securely attached and precisely aligned.
  5. Leveling – Check for sufficient alignment with a level and adjust as needed. For the sake of fair gameplay, proper leveling is a necessity.
  6. Once-Over – Examine each bolt and screw to double-check their proper tightening and secureness, then inspect the entire table for thorough and accurate assembly.

Pool Table Moving Service

Enjoy a worry-free pool table move, as our expert and trusted professionals ensure a safe and easy transition with our specialty moving services. Our team is dedicated to handling each phase of your move with meticulous care and precision. As the leading Mims billiards table company, we understand the substantial investment you’ve made in your pool table and the meticulous craftsmanship it exhibits. We keep your table in excellent condition throughout the entire process, from disassembly to wrapping to moving and reassembly. Count on our reliable team to move your pool table and you’ll enjoy a stress-free day as you prepare to play pool in a brand new environment!

Call Aurora Road Billiards at 800-940-2837 or drop by and let us bring your vision to life!