Billiard Tables in New Smyrna Beach

Aurora Road Billiards has been a cornerstone in the New Smyrna Beach region since we opened for business in 1981, and we’ve been consistently delivering quality service ever since. Because we’re the leading source for pool tables for sale in New Smyrna Beach, our locally owned and run company is completely insured and licensed, and we provide the widest selection of top-notch options. Our exceptional reputation precedes us because our loyal customers are aware of our commitment to going above and beyond – whether you require pool table repairs or moving services, wish to buy a new table, or want to explore other games. With a staff of experienced, dependable, and highly skilled professionals, you can be confident that you will be impressed by every element of our services. Contact us today or swing by to observe firsthand what distinguishes Aurora Road Billiards as the premier pool table supplier in New Smyrna Beach!

All About Our Local Billiards Pool Table Company

Pool Tables in New Smyrna Beach

Players are treated to an unparalleled experience when partaking in a round of pool – a harmonious blend of social interaction, relaxation, and classic allure. With over four decades of dedicated service, we have built a lasting legacy of excellence in pool tables, along with top-notch service, repairs, and games. Discover a gaming experience unlike any other and revel in the thrill of a high-quality billiards pool table. We are thrilled to see businesses and families delighting in their billiards tables, which reflects our skill in understanding and meeting every customer’s individual requirements.

Premium Brands, Unmatched Quality, and Free Delivery

We are proud of our reputation for providing excellent service and the most unusual, elegant, and durable billiards tables in New Smyrna Beach. Dive into our meticulously selected assortment that includes only the top pool table brands, including market leaders like Brunswick, Olhausen, Legacy, Imperial, Plank & Hide Co., and more. The difference in quality is immediately noticeable when you enter Aurora Road Billiards. As an added bonus to an already outstanding purchasing experience, we provide free delivery services to make sure your table will arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition.

New Smyrna Beach Billiards Pool Table Service and Repairs

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is steadfast, continuing beyond your search for a billiards table for sale in New Smyrna Beach, the purchase of your ideal table, and its seamless integration into your space. Your investment holds great importance to us. No matter how long it’s been since you brought your pool table home (or to your place of business), our seasoned and skilled experts will remain ready to provide you with any repairs or services you might need. Given the unique demands of premium tables, our team possesses the expertise to handle intricate repairs, routine maintenance, and various other tasks with great finesse. Our dedication to trust-based relationships guarantees that your pool table will stay in peak condition for the long haul, so you can have complete confidence as you enjoy countless games throughout the years.

New Smyrna Beach’s Best Selection of Pool Tables, Supplies, and Services

Spectator Pool Table Chairs

Enhance the spectator experience in your game room by adding our top-notch pool table chairs. Our chairs are designed with ergonomic excellence and using high-quality materials to provide both comfort and visual appeal for your friends or customers to enjoy.

Pool Table Assembly Materials

For DIYers in need of beeswax, shims, or other assembly materials, make the setup process easy and uncomplicated with help from our specialists and our impressive inventory.

Pool Table Lighting

Enhance your design aesthetic or evoke a classic pool hall atmosphere by incorporating our stylish and practical lighting options into your pub or game room.

Pool Table Parts

The simplest way to safeguard your investment while maintaining the condition of your pool table is to use only the best pool table parts. If you need replacement pockets, rail cushions, corner castings, apron miters, or any other component, please contact us to learn more about our selection of premium products.

Pool Cue Repair

Our dedication extends beyond selling outstanding pool tables and accessories – we are also here to keep your equipment in pristine shape. If your cues are looking worse for the wear and need to be repaired, let us help you get back to playing accurately and confidently.

Pool Cues, Shafts, Cases, and Other Billiard Accessories

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, our wide array of pool cues, shafts, cases, and accessories is sure to suit your needs. Our selection of products is carefully tailored to meet varying preferences and needs, refining precision during play, empowering player control, and delivering the highest level of enjoyment.

Custom Pool Table Cloth

Transform your pool table into a personalized masterpiece with our custom cloth, featuring a diverse range of top-tier materials and a plethora of colors that are sure to suit your unique style. Often made of wool or a wool and nylon blend, our table cloth options promise luxury, precision, and sophistication.

Proper Pool Table Maintenance

Regular maintenance will extend the longevity of your pool table for decades or potentially generations. To protect your investment, consider these essential steps:

Perform periodic checks to confirm that screws, bolts, and other hardware are still secure, tightening them as needed.

Regularly check that the table is level and make adjustments if necessary.

Extend the lifespan of your table by placing a cover on it after every gaming session.

Shield your table against direct sunlight and temperature extremes to mitigate the risks of fading or warping.

Use mild soap and water to clean the billiard balls as needed.

Routinely vacuum and brush the felt surface to remove dust and chalk buildup.

Maintain pocket cleanliness by conducting regular inspections for any debris.

How to Assemble a Pool Table

Mastering the building of a pool table requires a significant commitment to accuracy, diligence, and careful execution. While we highly recommend leveraging the expertise of Aurora Road Billiards, we acknowledge that some customers prefer to opt for a DIY approach. Interested in the art of professional pool table assembly? We’ve broken down the essential steps for you to explore below!

  1. Calculate Spacing – Thoughtfully selecting the placement of your pool table is crucial, as post-assembly moves are not feasible. Analyze your room carefully, thinking about door and window placement, keeping a 5-foot circumference for unimpeded play, and accounting for your preferred cue size and length.
  2. Begin Assembly – Follow the steps laid out in your owner’s manual, beginning with the careful unpacking of parts and working your way through every step of the assembly process. Standard pool table assembly guidelines usually direct you to construct the frame, fasten the slate, and subsequently proceed with affixing the legs.
  3. Felting – Achieve a flawless playing surface by evenly pulling and tightly stretching the billiard cloth over the slate to eliminate any wrinkles.
  4. Align and Attach Pockets – Make sure each pocket is accurately aligned and securely attached.
  5. Leveling – Use a level to ensure proper alignment and make any necessary adjustments. For the sake of fair gameplay, proper leveling is a necessity.
  6. Once-Over – Confirm the secure tightening of each bolt and screw through a comprehensive check, then verify the proper assembly of the entire table.

Choosing the Perfect Pool Table Size

One of the most important considerations you’ll have to make while perusing our pool tables for sale is selecting the appropriate table size. Remember, the table’s size is pivotal in determining your overall gaming experience. Casual players frequently prefer 7-foot pool tables due to their compact size and ability to deliver a pleasant experience. Indulge in more authentic and challenging games with the 8-foot table, which is ideal for both home and leisure settings.

If you’re looking for professional, tournament-level pool tables, consider 9-foot tables. This size is widely utilized in competition since the larger surface area requires a higher degree of skill. Before searching for New Smyrna Beach pool tables for sale, consider your available area, the skill levels of possible players, and the table’s intended function. Our pool table variety caters to players of all skill levels, guaranteeing that everyone will discover options that fit their preferences, style, available space, or budget.

The gameplay experience is closely linked to the size of your pool room, emphasizing the need to have proper information about your space’s measurements before selecting a table. Choose a room that is large enough for players and cues to travel freely around the full table perimeter for a fun and unimpeded gameplay experience. A 7-foot table is more suited to smaller areas, whereas an 8- or 9-foot table fits wonderfully in larger ones. While table size is essential, the surrounding space is equally significant. Count on our experts to provide guidance, ensuring your pool table decision results in a practical and inviting gaming area.

Pool Table Moving Service

Rely on our skilled and trustworthy experts to move your pool table safely and efficiently, providing you with a hassle-free relocation experience. Our team will handle every aspect of the move with care and precision. As the most reputable New Smyrna Beach billiards table mover, we recognize the significant investment and careful craftsmanship involved with your table. Allow us to manage the complicated process of taking apart, wrapping, transferring, and reassembling your table with care while ensuring the integrity of each component. Count on our dependable team to make your day stress-free, allowing you to simply prepare for the excitement of playing pool in a new environment!

Call Aurora Road Billiards at 800-940-2837 or drop by and let us bring your vision to life!